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How do i get this Galactonite?

Galactonite is gained randomly by attacking NPC planets such as  "The purged". A list of the Alien or NPC planets is as follows;

The Purged (lvl 1-5) Very low Galactonite content or amount.

Galaxy Pirates (lvl 6-10) Low Galactonite content.

Pollution Orgins (lvl 11-15) Medium Galactonite content.

Bloody Palace (lvl 16-20) High Galactonite content.

Alien Brood (lvl 21-25) Very High Galactonite content. I believe this is the best way to get Galactonite.

You can also get Galactonite by taking part in random events on the server.

What are the varieties?

There are many varieties of Galactonite shards, which are formed using Galactonite. The effectiveness of these shards is defined by the level of the shard and the amount of "energy" used to improve the shard. All of the shard types are as follows;

"Red" or Flaming crystals: Increace the attack power of your fleet.

"Brownish" or Rouge Galactonite: Increaces fleet shield and exploration speed.

"Black" or Concentrated Galactonite: Increaces armor value of your fleet.

"White" or Shield Galactonite: Increaces the shield of your fleet.

"Metallic" or Metal Galactonite: Increaces metal production.

Pink Galactonite: Lowers gas usage and increaces armor value of your fleet.

Blue Galactonite: Increaces crystal production.

Orange Galactonite: I cant remember....

Yellow Galactonite: Increaces fleet speed and gas collection.

"Gold" or Cloud Galactonite: Increaces gas production.

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Statement by an anonymous person: "I explained how to get galactonite in the Galactonite Research Center section. Go see it."

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