A galactine Research center.

 The Galactonite Research Center is used for production of galactonite. It can not be upgraded. When tapped on, it will reveal three tabs. The top one is for fusing, the middle for storage, equiping, and strengthening. The bottom one is used for upgrading the Galactonite Discoverer. There are two types of unnamed galactonite. When fusing, it requires the blue galactonite. Each fuse, it will describe whether it increases a level, or decreases a level, be successful (Produces crystal), or unsuccessful (Does not produce crystal). The more the level increases, the more galactonite required to fuse again, although, it gives better crystals. The middle tab shows what crystals are stored. You can equip a crystal that is stored. You can also put stored crystals and equiped crystals into the process, which can strengthen them, but requiring orange galactonite. Decomposing is like scrapping crystal for orange galactonite. Decomposing helps you get orange galactonite. The bottom tab shows the Galactonite Discoverer. Galactonite can also be obtained from fallen foes. When the Galactonite Discoverer is upgraded, it will increase the chances of finding galactonite from a fallen foe.